Undergraduates Overview


ME enrolls in about 207 undergraduate students and strictly control the quality of students every year. We fully implement the management system combined moral education teachers with head teachers.The curriculum emphasis on multi-disciplinary combination of machinery, electronics and control.In extra-curriculum time we encourage the students to participate in research-based and bilingual programs and to strengthen their capacity of the practice and innovation. We also encourage senior students to participate in research activities. Students are also encouraged to participate in Challenge Cup, SRTP academic and other extra-curricular activities in science and technology.

Famous Teachers

nationally famous teacherLu Guodong Professor

famous teacher in Zhejiang ProvinceTan Jianrong Professor, Shi Yueding Professor

National Teaching Team

Mechanical Manufacturing Fundamentals directorPang Xiaohong Professor

Engineering Graphics directorLu Guodong Professor

National Top Quality Courses

Engineering GraphicsdirectorLu Guodong Professor

Mechanical drawing and CAD FoundationdirectorShi Yueding Professor

Engineering training (Metalworking)directorPang Xiaohong Professor

Computer GraphicsdirectorTan Jianrong Professor

National High-quality Resource Sharing Courses

Engineering training (Metalworking)directorFu Jianzhong Professor

Engineering GraphicsdirectorLu Guodong Professor

Mechanical drawing and CAD FoundationdirectorFei Shaomei associate Professor

Study abroad

There are 41 undergraduate students study abroad in 2016, accounted for 22.2% of the total number of graduates. The total number of students were up to 20, which went to the world's top 100 enterprises.

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