DONG Huiyue


Basic information
Teacher Name:Huiyue Dong
Job title:Professor, Director

I.                    Personal Data

Name:      Huiyue Dong                                         Sex: male

Date of Birth:1974.09                                       Nationality: Chinese

Marital Status: married                                    

II.                Educational Background









Mechanical engineer


1998, 07~2001,03

Changchuninstitute of Optics and Fine mechanics

Mechanical engineer


1994, 07~1998, 07

Changchuninstitute of Optics and Fine mechanics

Mechanical engineer


III.             Working Experience




2004.10 to present


Mechanical engineer


IV.             Researching Experience (Program from 2004, 10 to present)

1.            the National Natural Science Foundation of China(key Program): Distortion    Theory and Precision Guarantee Technology in Machining of Large Monolithic Aircraft Components

2.            the National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study of fixation and high-speed machining of NOMEX honeycomb core based on magnetic field and friction

3.            the National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China: study of machining deformation prediction, analysis and compensation technology for integrated component

V.                Researching papers (Program from 2004, 10 to present)

1.            Dong Huiyue, Xue Hui, Liu Gang. Study on the method of modularization fixation for paper honeycomb core, Acta Aeronautica Et Astronautica Sinica2010.31(6):1250-1256 EI

2.            Ke Yinglin, Dong Huiyue (corresponding author)Use of nitrogen gas in high-speed milling of Ti-6Al-4V, Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, 2009,19:530-534 (In English)    SCI

3.            Dong Huiyue, Xue Hui, Huang Pujin. Study on the effect of tool inclination angle in machining process based on three-dimensional thermo-elastic-plastic model, Key Engineering Materials, 2009,407-408: 444-447 (In English)    EI

4.            Yuan Ping, Ke Yinglin, Dong Huiyue(corresponding author).Trochoid-path-based FEM simulation for high2speed milling of aluminum alloy, Journal of Zhejiang University ( Engineering Science),2009,43(3):570-577(In Chinese)    EI

5.            Dong Huiyue, Huang Pinjin, Bi Yunbo. Study on the Orthogonal Cutting Process of Al7050T7451 with Uncoated and Coated Tools,  Key Engineering Materials, 2009, 392-394: 990-995 (In English)    EI

6.            Yang Yong, Ke Yinglin, Dong Huiyue(corresponding author). Finite element analysis of adiabatic shear band formation in titanium alloy cutting process, Journal of Zhejiang University ( Engineering Science),2008,42(3):534-538(In Chinese)    EI

7.            Cheng Qunlin, Ke Yinglin, Dong Huiyue(corresponding author). Distortion prediction for mill ing process of aerospace monolithic components, Journal of Zhejiang University ( Engineering Science),2007,41(5):799-803(In Chinese)    EI

8.            Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin. Milling error prediction of thin-walled parts during high-speed machining, Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science),2006,40(4):634-367,703(In Chinese)    EI

9.            Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin, Cheng Qunlin. Finite element simulation and analysis of aluminum alloy three-dimensional milling, Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science),2006,40(5):759-762(In Chinese)    EI

10.        Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin. Study on Machining Deformation of Aircraft Monolithic Component by FEM and Experiment, Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 2006,19(3):247-254 (In English)    EI

11.        Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin. Analysis and Simulation of Machining Deformation Resulting from Residual Stress, Journal of Aeronautical Materials, 2005,25(5): 54-58(In Chinese)    EI

12.        Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin. Simulation of 3D chip shaping of aluminum alloy 7075 in milling processes, Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China,2005,15(6):1315-1321 (In English)    SCI

13.        Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin. Finite element simulation for optimal clamping scheme of thin-walled workpiece in milling process, Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science),2004,38(1):17-21(In Chinese)    EI

14.        Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin, Sun Jie. Finite Element Method Simulation for Residual Stress in Quenched Aluminum Alloy Thick-Plate and Its Effect on Machining Distortion, Acta Aeronautica Et Astronautica Sinica,2004,25(4): 429-431(In Chinese)    EI

15.        Ke Yinglin, Dong Huiyue (corresponding author). Pre-stretching process and its application in reducing residual stress of quenched 7075 aluminum alloy thick-plates, The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals,2004, 14:639-645(In Chinese)

16.        Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin, Wu Qun. Finite Element Model for Optimal Clamping Scheme of Frame Shape Workpiece Based on Residual Stress Distribution, Acta Aeronautica Et Astronautica Sinica,2003,24(4):382-384(In Chinese)    EI

17.         Bi Yunbo, Cheng Qunlin,Dong Huiyue, Ke Yinglin. Machining distortion prediction of aerospace monolithic components. Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A, 2009, 10( 5): 661-668.  (In English)     SCI


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