WANG Jiugen


Basic information

Teacher Name:Jiugen Wang
Job title:Professor


Jiugen WANG, Professor, Supervisor for Doctoral Students, Member of the editor board for “Journal of Tribology”, Member of the Council of Tribology Society of China. He obtained B. M. E. in 1984 from Hefei University of Technology, his M. S. M. E. from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1987, and his Doctor degree from Zhejiang University in 1993. He has been work at Zhejiang University since August 1987, and worked at Warsaw University of Technology as visiting scholar in 1999 for six months, is professor of Zhejiang University since 2002. The scientific directions of his laboratory are the study of tribology and bionic design, which include lubrication, friction and wear, tribological design of mechanical products, and active control techniques of tribilogical processes, bionic design of structures for mechanical engineering, and bionic design of mechanical processes. His group has had published more than 210 articles in relevant journals and proceedings of scientific conferences, and has had obtained more than 100 patents.


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[07] XU Shaofeng, WANG Jiugen, Cross-stream migration of macromolecules under pressure driven flow in micro- and nanochannels, Journal of Mechanical Engineering,2013,49(19):185~191. (in Chinese)

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[10] WANG Jiugen, CHEN Fanghua, CHEN Liguo, ZHANG Yongqiang, A review on groove bearings, Lubrication Engineering, 2017,42(3):1~7. (in Chinese)

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