The National Research Center of Fluid Power Control engineering technology


Main research directions: 

1) Engineering Mechanical Fluid Power Control Unit Technology

2) Fluid Power Drive Control System and Technology

3) Pure Fluid Power Elements and Systems

4) Fluid Power Control and Integration Technology of Complex Mechatronic Devices

Lab Director: Prof. Yang Huayong

Lab Deputy Director: Prof. Wei Jianhua

The National Research Center of Fluid Power Control engineering technology was founded by State Ministry of Science and Technology in 2000. Oriented by national demands and supported by the strong forces of Mechatronic Control Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University and State Key Lab of Fluid Transmission and Control, the lab has constructed trial/commissioning base and manufacturing& processing base for small-size trial and processing. By developing and absorbing advanced technologies abroad, the lab has invited the international advanced fluid power elements and systems and pushed them to market in order to satisfy the demand of high-end equipment manufacturing sector on fluid power elements and systems and lead the development of the fluid power sector to high value-added fluid power control. The lab will continue moving toward national transfer center of fluid power control engineering technical outcomes, technology innovation center, industry demonstration center, information and technology communication center and talents training center.

By taking the research projects as the breakthrough, the lab has formed trial/commissioning base for high-end products and become an economic entity integrated with technology development and outcomes transfer as well as the bridge transferring the outcomes from technology bodies and production enterprises.

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