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Mechatronic Engineering

As state key discipline and national characteristic specialty, Mechatronic Engineering is strong: supported by Mechatronic Control Engineering Institute—ranking No.2 among the top 10 science departments of Zhejiang University, State Key Lab of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems and State Key Lab of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, the discipline has reached five star level. The faculty team is so strong that 100% researchers have gotten doctor diplomas of famous universities home and abroad (such as China, USA, British and Japan) including 2 academicians, 2 national experts specially engaged, 2 scholars of Yangtze River Journal of Ministry of Education and 8 cross-century (new century) talents of Ministry of Education; it has established long partnership with many international famous universities and enterprises and conducted frequent exchange with them.

Mechatronic Engineering Specialty has modern mechatronic equipment core technology of independent intellectual property rights and strong core competitive strength, obvious in economic benefits and social benefits. The students cultivated may grasp diverse basic knowledge in mechanism, electronics and control completely; learn mechatronic control or fluid control deeply according to personal future plan (for studying abroad or job hunting); join in national important research tasks to improve the innovation ability and the comprehensive practical ability in discovery and solution.

Graduates of Mechatronic Engineering have been urgently needed for years. Half of the doctors in Mechatronic Engineering have entered famous universities or institutes home. Others have mainly been engaged in core technology R & D in large state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, military engineering institutes and high-end private enterprises facing the transformation and upgrade of manufacturing industry.

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   Prof. Li Xin,                  

   Prof. Ouyang Xiaoping,



Mechanical Design and Theory 

Mechanical Design and Theory Specialty is in the first batch of key disciplines of Zhejiang Province and national key discipline. With State Key Lab of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems and State Key Lab of Computer Aided Design and Graphics, the specialty’s school is director unit of Design Society of China Mechanical Engineering Academy, deputy chairman unit of China Engineering Mechanical Academy, chairman unit of Excavating Mechanical Society and initiator as well as undertaker unit of Sino-German “Engineering Design Journal”. It is supported by Design Engineering and Automation Institute (including Design and Product Innovation Research Center and Mechanical Design and Research Center).

As one of the main members of State Innovation Research Group in “Mechatronic Fluid Power System Basic Research”, State Key Lab of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems of Zhejiang University, State Key Lab of Computer Aided Design and Graphics, Design and Product Innovation Research Center is mainly developing the science research in design and integration engineering. Its research directions include Innovation Design Methods and Typical Applications, Product Digital and Intelligent Design and Manufacturing, Product Modeling Simulation and Digital Prototype, Product Information Integration and Software Development, Computer Graphic Analysis and Treatment. The center has a high-level education & research team led by Prof. Tan Jianrong of multi disciplines and good academic echelon including 1 academician of China Engineering Academy, 1 national famous teacher and 1 winner of Xinping Education Prize. It is very obvious in outcomes of design and manufacturing. In particular, its whole strength in digital design and manufacturing ranks in the front row in China and has good academic reputation.

Mechanical Design and Design Center mainly researches Engineering Design, Kinematic of Machinery, Tribology, Intellectualization, Greening Technology and their applications in various innovative designs of mechatronic products; it also researches science and technology in Engineering Machinery, Intelligent Equipment, Modern Modules and other mechatronic products. The research in Design Theory and Methods, Computer Aided Innovation Design, Flexible Development of Mechatronic Fluid Information All-in-one Products, Tribology and its Engineering Application, Dynamics and Control of Intelligent Material and Structure, Kinematic of Machinery and Mechanism Dynamics has been advanced home and abroad. It has mass invention patents and achieved influential outcomes in Engineering Machinery, Simulation Machinery and Intelligent Equipment in China.

The specialty is featured the integration of product design, manufacturing, use as well as post treatment and the fusion of machinery, electronics and information technology. All graduates are preferred by state key sectors of mechatronic, military engineering, mobile as well as communication equipment manufacturing and well-known universities as well as institutes home and abroad. All of them are evaluated well by work units.

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    (Design and Product Innovation Research Center): Prof. Liu Zhenyu


    (Mechanical Design and Research Center): Prof. Song Xiaowen


   Website: /office/index_show.php?id=50  

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation 

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Specialty is in the first batch of disciplines qualified for conferring master diploma. Since 1978, the specialty’s school has started to recruit postgraduates. In 1985, the school was approved as doctor diploma conferring sport and constructed with doctor graduates mobile station and the specialty became the national A-class discipline. The school has 20 professors and 22 associate professors. The discipline is member of State Key Lab of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems and constructed with Zhejiang Province’s Key Lab of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Its academic outcomes have ever won national second prize, provincial first prize and many other prizes. The school bears more than 100 research projects such as national important special projects, defense& military engineering projects, national natural science fund and national 863 program and a batch of enterprise projects and its annual research fund is in the range of RMB 50 million- 100 million.

Today, it is mainly engaged in the research, development and application of key technologies of advanced manufacturing, common technologies and prospective technologies and its main research fields include: Digitalization, Precision Forming and Micromation of Manufacturing Equipment; Testing of Manufacturing Processes; Control and Quality Assurance Technologies; Manufacturing Industry Informatization; Vibration Measurement Standards; Mechanical CAD/CAM.CAE and Advanced Manufacturing Processes.

Main research teams: 

1. Airplane Digital Assembly Team (in the charge of Prof. Ke Yinlin); 

2. Numerical Control Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment (in the charge of Prof. Chen Zichen); 

3. Testing Technology and Quality Engineering (in the charge of Prof. Zhou Xiaojun).

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   Prof. Dong Huiyue 


   Website: /iame/iame_cn/

Industrial Engineering 

Zhejiang University has started the science research and talents cultivation in industrial engineering since the end of 1980s. The discipline is supported by the national key disciplines-Mechanical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering. It has 12 professors and associate professors and bears many longitudinal & transverse application-related research projects entrusted by national natural science fund, national 863 program and enterprises. In recent years, it has won 2 National Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 6 Provincial Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, established close partnership with universities in USA, Germany and Hong Kong and conducted academic exchange and industry engineering practices frequently.

Main research directions: 

1. Informatization of Manufacturing Industry; 

2. Digital Product Engineering; 

3. Collaborative Management and Optimization of Manufacturing Processes; 

4. Knowledge Engineering and Management; 

5. Low Carbon Manufacturing and Green Manufacturing.

       ▲Contact way

   Prof. Fang Shuiliang 


Vehicles Engineering 

Vehicles Engineering Specialty is in the first batch of national key disciplines. The specialty’s school has conducted the research in Automotive Chassis Systems and Control and Automotive Aerodynamics Design and Simulated Optimization and finished important technical projects of Zhejiang Province’s Department of Science and Technology (projects in the design and manufacturing of automotive key parts) such as “Digitalized Development Technology and Application of Multi-vehicle Shared Chassis Platform” as well as “Development and Key Technology Research of Four-wheel Driven All-terrain Vehicles and the project tendered by the same department-“Development and Key Technology Research of Automotive Electrical Aided Steering Gear”, etc.

It also joins in international and domestic academic exchange activities proactively. There have been approximately 30 postgraduates and dozens of teachers go to USA, Germany, British, Japan and Canada for studying, academic exchange and work visit. So for, it has established stable partnership in academic exchange with Wisconsin University & Princeton University in USA, Kaisers Lauten University in Germany, Calgary University in Canada, Gifu University, Musashi University& Hokkaido University in Japan and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Nearly 10 well-known scholars home and abroad have become part-time professors of the discipline. The discipline institute has become director unit of China Internal-combustion Engine Academy, director unit of Zhejiang Internal-combustion Engine Academy and commissioner unit of Engine Society of China Weapon Engineering Academy.

Main research directions:

1. Automotive Chassis Systems and Control

2. Automotive Aerodynamics Design and Simulated Optimization

3. Vehicles Intelligent Monitor and Steering Technology

4. Vehicles Braking and Shock Absorption Technology

5. Speical-purpose Engineering Vehicles Design

6. Mixed Power Engineering Vehicles Design

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   Prof. Song Xiaowen


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