ZJU receives MoE National Teaching Achievement Award


Professor YAN Jianhua and Professor LU Guodong have won the first prizes in the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Awardhigher education. This quadrennial Award is the highest national award in teaching and education granted by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in recognition of excellence in higher education teaching.

Professor YAN (right) and Professor LU (left) in front of the Great Hall of the People

Professor YAN is Professor in the College of Energy Engineering and vice president of Zhejiang University. He won the award for leading the “Research on Innovation-based entrepreneurship for research oriented universities and 20 years practice ” project. Professor YANis deeply honored to receive the highest level national higher education award. He said, “I am thrilled with the result. We are grateful for this new era as education is attached with great importance by the government. With our mission in mind, we will keep working hard to build the world-class university.”

Professor LU from the School of Mechanical Engineering won the award for leading the “New teaching paradigm for mechanics Major: space-time integration, knowledge-action coupling and multi-dimensional interactions between teachers and students ” project. 

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